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  • Our philosophy is that every pet is an individual with specific needs for their lifestyle, life stage, and medical history.
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Unfortunately there's no "flea and tick season" here in Texas, they are just here year round. That's why it is so important to keep up with prevention. Bravecto is an oral flea and tick prevention for dogs that lasts 12 weeks! Stop in and ask us about this product and you will get a scratch off ticket with a chance to win some fun prizes! No purchase necessary 😊

Terrell Vet Clinic

Did you know if you refer a friend to our clinic you BOTH will receive a $15 credit on your account?! Just make sure your friend tells us who referred them!

Don't forget, if you refer a friend to our clinic you BOTH get a $15 credit to use at our clinic! Just make sure your friend lets us know who recommended us!

Take little Dakota's advice and resist the urge to remove an e-collar, even for "just a second!" Dakota had to have his incision re-stapled twice because he was so quick to get at them after mom (a technician here) removed the e-collar for a second. As hard as it can be to see them look sad in an e-collar, it is really difficult to keep them from doing more damage to the affected. It's best to just leave them on until the doctor lets you know it's ok the remove it!